Friday, June 1, 2012

Zentangle and Mrs. Garfield?

A Visit to Mentor Ohio

While on vacation, I encountered an unexpected and pleasant surprise while touring the historic home of President and Mrs. Garfield in Mentor, Ohio.  Mrs. Garfield was quite an artist. If anyone has the opportunity to visit this home, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

What stood out immediately was the wallpaper in the entrance hallway.  It has Zentangle written all over it.  See for yourself:

This wallpaper appears in other rooms of the home as well, which tells me it must have had great appeal to Mrs. Garfield. 

President Garfield was assassinated before completing the first year of his presidency, and before completing the initial renovations to this home.  Most of what exists today is a credit to Mrs. Garfield.  Among many other projects, she expanded the home to include a memorial Presidential library in which to house all of President Garfield's important papers and books. This is perhaps the first Presidential library ever to be built.  Mrs. Garfield oversaw all of the design and construction.  Quite a feat for a woman at the turn of the 20th century.  

The library is a room in which one could just sit for hours and hours.  The architectural details are just beautiful.  I encourage anyone with an opportunity to visit the home to do so.  Admission is a very reasonable $5. 

The wallpaper design is original and this second photo shows the old paper(circa 1880) next to the new paper created for the restoration.  A very good match.  

Most disappointing on this trip was to continue on to Columbus only to discover that Lisa Ruschman, fellow CZT #2 and friend, lives in Mentor!  Anyone who wants to venture to Mentor, OH - I can tell you it is a lovely corner of Ohio, and the USA.  The Garfield home would make for a great Mansion Tangle Hunt.

Happy Tangling!



  1. Wow! That wallpaper is wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Fun find! I'm hoping that I my path will take me there some day. Very interesting. I love the patterns in that wallpaper.

  3. That is way too cool. Go figure. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Fascinating wallpaper! and, to my mind, highly unusual for that time period.

  5. Ladies,
    So glad you enjoyed the post. I agree that this seems unusual for the period. We tour lots of historical sites and have never seen anything like it. I will try to add another photo of another unusual wallpaper in the house in a few days.