Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekly Zentangle Challenge

Challenge #184  Ing by Molly Hollibaugh

Challenge #76  In Celebration of Home and July 4

This first tile I drew some time ago.  It wasn't until after I completed the tile that I saw the resemblance to pine trees, rolling hills, an ice scattered river and orchards.  All of these can be found around my home.

This second piece is from a poster I created for a Community Zentangle I am coordinating for my town's July Fourth celebration.  Click HERE to see the poster.

Challenge #42 Breast Cancer Awareness and Hope
Using the pattern Cūrd, I enhanced my original tile with a border and a red heart.

Challenge # 13 Non-Dominant Hand

What came to mind, as I was working on this challenge, is a quote that appears on one of my students emails: "Our strength is often composed of the weakness we're damned if we're going to show."  -  Mignon McLaughlin     Thank you Joyce!

Challenge #11 - Monotangle

Challenge #8 - Hearts for Artoo!

Challenge #6 - Ixorus

Challenge #5 - Orbs

Challenge #4 - Starry Eyed Surprise



Challenge #3 - String with Eyes Closed



Challenge #2 - Two Pencil String 

I thought Echoism was a "fitting" tangle for this challenge.

This has been great fun. Remember, there are no musts in Zentangle. Participate at any level you wish.  Not all the tiles I am showing here made it into Laura's photo gallery.  Some weeks, life just isn't that flexible.  I may get to a challenge after the deadline. I may not have time to scan the results in time to submit them. Or, I may not have time at all.

Be good to yourselves and join in at any level, if this looks like fun!


  1. I love both of your examples of this week's challenge. The first is really full of the elements you described and the second is perfect for the 4th!

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback. I was pleased and surprised to see your comments as I love, love, love your work! As a matter of fact, I was just taking my husband through your gallery this week. He was duly impressed!

  2. All of your tiles a nicely done. Thanks for posting your words at the very bottom. I feel that way a lot.

    1. Jennifer,
      Are you familiar with the Zentangle term "Elegance of Limits?" I just love that analogy and I have taken to applying this idea to time. Zentangle has been rewarding in all areas of my life!

  3. I really like both of your tiles. They are very representative of where you live and July 4th. I think your community zentangle session is a brilliant idea. Good luck with that; and I hope it results in a bunch of new students for you. I'm taking the training in September, and I can hardly wait!!

  4. Good luck at the training and thank you for dropping me a note. I hope to post something after the event.

  5. Love both your entries this week. The celebration poster is fab!