Thursday, January 3, 2013

January 3 "Tile•A•Day" Zentangle

This tile was completed in three sessions today. One wonderful aspect of drawing a Zentangle is that you can do it in snatches of time, easily picking up where you left off or coming back to it with new perspective, each time enjoying the meditative benefits.  

This tile started with a simple string of three parallel lines.  Patterns were selected at random, nothing predetermined. I also wanted to try my new Sakura Koi Coloring Brush pens, so there is some shading done with pen and some with pencil. This tile was also shaded using a pencil and the tip of my finger to soften the shade.  If you have always used a shading tool, try going without.  The shading is less controlled and broader in area, but there is a softness achieved with the finger tip that can not be had when using a shading tool.  Enjoy!

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