Friday, January 4, 2013

January 4 "Tile•A•Day" Zentangle

It is what it is! I am not all that confident with color and I don't find it relaxing. This tile started off with my taking as little control as possible. I flipped open my pattern binder. The first pattern I laid my eyes on was "cyme." I ran with it. The proportion of the middle design was not to my liking, so I worked along the border. Not all tiles we draw fascinate us and that was the case here. To make something of the journey, I decided to sacrifice this tile to a color experiment. Zentangle tiles do not like water, but I did find some success in moving around the Derwent water colors with a damp shading stump. This may require further experimentation - I haven't decided. All in all, the journey through this tile provoked a number of thoughts, and sometimes discovering what you don't want to do can be valuable. :o) Happy Tangling!

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