Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Parasail•z Tangle Pattern

The Inspiration
The recent weekly challenge, from, challenged me to play with the ZentangleÒ pattern Paradox and is what started this adventure.  I find it interesting that patterns I initially am not drawn to, when experimented with, become some of my favorites. 

I got a real chuckle out of the Zentangle blog post response to this challenge, specifically the last image in the post.  True to the promise of what Zentangle has to offer, the lines on my paper started to dance and take form.  One thing led to another, and the analogies appeared one by one. Or was it two by two?

The Tangle Unfolding
The shape of the sail, a triangle with curved lines, began the unfolding. Having an “Escher” moment, I completed the square in a mirror type fashion.  It was then that I had what I like to tell my students is an “Emeril” moment. Bam! Two sails!  Better yet, a Pair of Sails to go with a Pair of Docks!

It wasn’t until later that the second “Emeril” moment occurred. While considering the possibilities of shading this pattern, the “Z” sprang to life and then I really had a good laugh. 

How unexpected, what fun!  I just had to pass it on.

Click on photos for a closer look.


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