Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"Well".....I'll be!

What fun!  I just received the latest Zentangle Newsletter and within it the new tangle pattern called "Well."  
Typical to my journey, my mind immediately wondered about where this pattern could go.  With pen in hand, I created the tangellation below.  It occurred to me that leaving the last step out of this new pattern might provide a look of its own, and it did.  
That isn't what really got me excited though.  It was the shading that was the "Bam!" moment for me.
Take a look below and you will see that the pattern looks very similar to cadent.  To me it appears to be a woven cadent. Cool! While I love teaching people to draw cadent, I have always found the shading to be hard to explain and stressful to execute.  As I began to shade I said....."I'll be!" :o) 
The shading on my tangellation, or variant, of "Well" provides the simple steps, true to the Zentangle method, for executing the shading. One only need focus on each of the original boxes in the grid, and add a shade under each of the curves. Voila!

No thinking involved - I love it!